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Team building Management Team Ministry of BPD

Nov 1, 2018

Creating Milestones is very honoured for being invited to develop, guide and facilitate the team building day yesterday for the management team of the ministry of BPD in Curacao.

The location where the teambuilding day took place (Fleur de Marie) was very inspirational due the fact that this part of Curacao has such a rich history and has been developing the last years to become one of the most enchanting neighborhoods in Curacao. The team building day was very well received and we are looking forward to work with this management team again in the near future. 

If you would like to receive more information on the possibilities for Creating Milestones to facilitate a team building day to strengthen the foundation on e.g. collaboration, your team goals, decision-making etc. of your management team, please contact us. 

Photo credits: Unidat di Bario

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