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About us

Creating Milestones is a Curacao based organization that provides interactive communication and leadership training, coaching trajectories and management solutions throughout the Caribbean.

Within the Caribbean it is noticed that our current management styles often times do not match the needs of our current generation Y and the future generation Z that will enter the labor market in the upcoming years. We need to do something.

Therefore development of all layers of management and their management styles is needed to make sure the talents that you as an organization invested time and money into, do not resign early, which often is the case now due to a disconnect of modern and older generations.

Developing and becoming more flexible in your communication and leadership styles to meet contemporary standards and being able to understand and meet the current needs of generation Y and Z is necessary and inevitable. As a manager you become more effective with your team and will meet your set goals as planned while you retain your talents where they belong: within your organization.

Creating Milestones provides such tools in a practical authentic way, because we believe in in learning by doing while creating a safe environment.


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