Creating Milestones is a Curacao based organization that provides interactive strategic communication and leadership training, leadership development programs, coaching trajectories and management solutions throughout the Caribbean. Research has been conducted throughout the world, thus including within the Caribbean, and it is noticed that our current management and leadership styles often times do not match the needs of our current generation Y (the so-called millenials) and the future generation Z that will enter the labor market in the upcoming years. We need to do something. Read more…

Interpersonal effectiveness (online training)

This interactive training, in which we focus on strategic effective communication, is important for anyone who wants to further develop their leadership skills. Start March 24, 2022.

Operant conditioning exercise with ADC executives

When it comes to leadership development and influence, people often think of effective communication. Although being able to influence others of course is essential, there are many more #leadershipskills……..