Column “Kweekvijver”

Today my column “Kweekvijver” was published on the online platform Dossier Koninkrijksrelaties (in Dutch).

Column “Purpose en nalatenschap”

Today my column “Purpose en nalatenschap” (“Purpose and legacy”) was published on the online platform Dossier Koninkrijksrelaties (in Dutch).

Column “Kanta Hélele”

I got inspired by singer and songwriter Izaline Calister from Curaçao to write todays column….

Column on Dossier

Today my column “Geen Ponche Krema meer” (“No more Ponche Krema”) was published on the online platform Dossier Koninkrijksrelaties (in Dutch).

Webinar Generation Management (Dutch)

Due to the importance of this subject for our islands, we have decided to offer this webinar in Dutch as well on March 6 to reach as many people as possible.

Workshop Leo Club Curaçao

The new normal: facilitating an interactive leadership development workshop online for the future #leaders of #curacao!

Results coaching trajectory

This photo shows a client (coachee) during her final coaching session while she is doing an exercise.

Safety measures

Leadership development trajectories and coaching is what we do and what we love. Just love the interaction and be a witness of the personal development of the participants.

Online Coaching sessions

Even though I still prefer the live one-on-one sessions, digital platforms provided the opportunity to continue coaching my clients during and after the lockdown…

Training effective communication Bonaire

Gosh, It feels like months ago that I visited Bonaire and it has only been 2,5 weeks ago. Two and a half weeks ago there were no confirmed Covid-19 infections and free air traffic in Curacao.

Results 6-month leadership development trajectory

Recently we finalized an inhouse  leadership development trajectory of 6 months in which we focused on the development of situational leadership, emotional intelligence and non-verbal communication skills, with a management group of a prominent bank organization in Curacao.

Guest speaker ENNIA event

Last week I was invited as one of the guest speakers to discuss how you can increase your chances drastically to achieve your set goals.

Cross-Corporate™ Masterclass: “Interpersonal Effectiveness for (Senior) Managers”-March 2019

We are happy to see that Curacao, Bonaire and St Maarten are developing in leadership and strategic effective communication!

For more then two years now Creating Milestones is the organization that activates and certifies managers on all levels, and directors, in the Caribbean on strategic effective communication, influence, (situational) leadership and emotional intelligence.

Happy Holidays!

Time flies when you are having fun! And fun we had this year once more while working together with you!

Team building Management Team Ministry of BPD

Creating Milestones is very honoured for being invited to develop, guide and facilitate the team building day yesterday for the management team of the ministry of BPD in Curacao.

Distribution certificates Masterclass Interpersonal Effectiveness

It was a joyous moment to distribute the certificates for this Masterclass. As it is well known by now, Creating Milestones stands for quality and is very serious about distributing the certificates. Once you have registered and started participating, it is mandatory to attend all sessions to be able to receive your certificate. 

Interview TVDirect morning show “Mainta” (Papiamentu)-MBTI/NLP

This morning I explained during an interview in the tv show “Mainta” at TVDirect why it is imperative that (senior) managers on our islands also learn contemporary communication techniques like MBTI and NLP that are used worldwide nowadays to communicate more effectively with their employees.

Table Talks 2018: Growth in Governance

Last week I was invited to participate as a part of the facilitator team during the Table Talks 2018 where the subject “Growth in governance” was discussed by various stakeholders on Curacao.

MBTI Certified

This is what a happy person looks like that has passed all her certification exams!

Guardian Event January 12, 2018

Today is a very special day for me, because I was invited to give a speech at a Guardian event at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao. 

[Blog] Politici als voorbeeld voor de bevolking of juist andersom?

De afgelopen weken heb ik meerdere malen het gezegde ‘E kuchu a korta’mi’ –het mes heeft mij gesneden- gelezen op social media in het kader van de politieke ontwikkelingen op ons eiland. Tevens heb ik een zeer interessante blog van Elodie Eloise gelezen, genaamd ‘het mes heeft mij gesneden’, waarin de link wordt gelegd tussen de huidige ontstane politieke situatie en het nemen van de verantwoordelijkheid hierin door de politiek. Of liever gezegd: het gebrek hieraan.

[Blog] Curaçao, waar blijven wij?

Neuro-linguïstisch programmeren, beter bekend als NLP, is op Curaçao nog een onbekend fenomeen. Wereldwijd wordt deze methodiek omarmd om communicatie en gedrag te verbeteren. In NLP wordt gekeken naar de wijze waarop wij de wereld waarnemen, hoe wij hierop reageren, en de manier waarop wij dit vervolgens kunnen verbeteren. Bewustwording en wijziging van bepaalde gedragspatronen en effectieve communicatie zijn hierin belangrijke elementen.

Impression of Vision board workshop January 15 2017

An impression of the vision board workshop that Creating Milestones did yesterday. We are very proud that the participants gave the workshop and average grade of 8.7 (out of 10)! It was indeed focus, fun and creativity.