Raquel Weisz

Raquel Weisz MSc has obtained her Master degree in Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is the founder and owner of Creating Milestones, a company that increases the future-readiness of Caribbean corporations through strategic advise and tailor-made communication programs to enhance costumer services and ambassadorship of clientele.

Raquel has gained over a decade of strategic working experience at an executive level in highly complex, politically sensitive organizations in both the corporate world, as well as in the Government and the non-profit sector. During those years she advised Management Boards, Supervisory Boards, Secretaries and Ministers in both Curacao and the Netherlands, functioning as a key player to align stakeholders in culturally divers environments.

Previously working as a risk manager, Raquels’ analyses functioned as indispensable input for critical corporate decisions to anticipate on complex future trends. With her no-nonse communication style, she was able to design and implement corporate policy that always focused on balancing carefully between the needs of professionals with the overall corporate mission.

The accumulation of the above-mentioned experiences in different branches of work, has lead to Raquel becoming a seasoned organizational specialist, adding value through training, coaching and interim management. As an expert in effective interpersonal communication, she works with senior managers and executives how to exert leadership through values and principles, making them aware of their communication styles and providing them powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools how to positively influence their co- workers.

NLP is used to improve interpersonal communication by almost all prominent corporations in the USA, as specialists are hired to transition organizations from within and empower their employees. 

Raquel is a certified instructor for the SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility™ program and the Behavioral Emotional Intelligence™ program and therefore part of the Tracom valued partners network. She is also licensed MBTI™ Master, a certified Coach and a certified Business Advisor for the Hospitality Assured Program.

Furthermore, Raquel recently became a certified instructor for the SLII Experience™ program by Ken Blanchard companies™, in which leaders learn to lead more effectively by applying different leadership styles, based on the situation. Additionally, Creating Milestones is now a proud channel partner of Ken Blanchard companies™ . Ken Blanchard companies™ is one of the  leading leadership development companies in the world. 

To get to know Raquel personally, see the introduction video below. For more information on her background, please click on her LinkedIn profile.