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I attended the Masterclass Effective Situational Leadership for (Senior) Managers in September and October 2019. I must say that this masterclass exceeded all my expectations. In my role as Senior Manager, I have attended different types of leadership trainings in the past, but Raquel has a unique way of refreshing what is already known and sharing new knowledge, that makes you not wanting to miss any session.

The whole curriculum of this masterclass is worth the time spent and most important is that the acquired knowledge, skills and techniques can be applied both at work as in your private life. The way that Raquel connects with the audience and gives a feeling of trust makes even the ones that are not so talkative open up and share their experiences.

By sharing experiences it was noticed that all participants also learned from each other. During the masterclass I experienced moments of growth and development that were very beneficial to me.
This masterclass is definitely a must do! Raquel thanks for everything, thanks for being an inspiration and tremendous coach.

Shamajra Florentina

Senior Manager IAD, December 2019

Highly recommend the course. Raquel is a powerhouse that keeps you on your toes the whole session. Valuable information and tips on how to lead are given and practiced.

Angelique Croes- Aruba

Supervisor Credit Administration, November 2019

The training Situational Leadership provides an excellent opportunity to  leaders to pause, reflect and brush up their leadership skills. I learned that it’s important to recognize and manage the strengths and weaknesses of your team and to value each person on your team.

Raquel’s interactive methods were great to build a bond between participants which was great for sharing experiences and learn from each other

Amory Tearr- Aruba

Sr. Compliance Officer CAMS, November 2019

Raquel is a very powerful lady, I have known her for a very long time and she always impresses me. But after my coaching session I am convinced she is also good in what she does.
How could someone be so inspiring in only one session?! Amazing! She gave me a great number of tips and tricks I can use both in my work and in my private life.

She brought me back to my core, make me think and surpass my own doubts. We analyzed a number of scenarios together and play roles which were very effective.
Raquel will inspire everyone who is open to receive, learn and surpass in life. Thumbs up for this lady. Thank you so much for your coaching lesson. I really appreciate it!

Shalick Clement

Communications advisor/Spokesperson, January 2019

The importance of good interpersonal skills in the workplace cannot be underestimated. The ability to build rapport and trust, to influence decision making, to present ideas with clarity and professionalism and to be able to handle challenging situations is invaluable.

Interpersonal Effectiveness for (senior) Managers courses offer you the opportunity to refresh and develop these core skills in a lively, open and highly interactive environment, enabling you to become more confident and effective interpersonally.

This is a must Do!!!
I recommend it

Fharitza Sophia

Senior Account Manager Corporate Credits, August 2018

Suuuuper leuke inspirerende 2e dag van de Masterclass: Interpersonal Effectiveness (MBTi / NLP etc) van Creating Milestones ! Met onwijs enthousiaste trainer en goed georganiseerde dagen met een hele gevarieerde groep deelnemers.

Altijd spannend of het ‘gezellig’ wordt , en dat werd het! Mede door het onderzoeken van elkaars profielen, en hoe je sterke kanten uit elk profiel haalt en alles elkaar kan aanvullen.

Door het herkennen van verschillende profielen kan je je communicatiestijl aanpassen en dus tot een beter resultaat komen, met minder misverstanden, ruis en verschillende verwachtingen.

Super zin om te gaan oefenen met alle info en oefeningen die we hebben mee gekregen en alweer zin in de terugkom dag! Boing boing boing!!
Danki Raquel Weisz en medegroepsleden voor de 2 super interessante en inspirerende dagen!

Eveline Reints

Owner, August 2018

Interpersonal Effectiveness for (Senior) Managers: This workshop was very engaging and informative. You learn about your preferred communication style and how to work with others that have different communication preferences.

I recommend this workshop to leaders that want to have a successful team.

Adelina Schaap-Chandler- St Maarten

Acting HR Manager, June 2018

Mi eksperiensa di e Masterclass aki tabata hopi bon, mi a sinja konose mi mes un tiki mas miho.

Tambe bo ta hanja hopi tools ku bo por hasi uzo di dje den bo bida personal y tambe den bo trabou diario.

Bo ta sinja tambe kon pa komunika mas miho ku bo koleganan/otro hende.

Ami si lo konseha un hende si e hanja un chens di bai e kurso di Master class no duda pa bai, lo bo Sali benefisia for di e kurso.

Laurenne Passial

Supervisor Cash Department, May 2018

About the Masterclass -Effective Situational Leadership- “Is where soft skills becomes effectively applied to daily situations at work and personal life…. Obtaining the best from every situation, leveraging what you have in your hands”.

Raquel: A lady embracing motivation and charisma, a great communicator! Thank you for this Masterclass!

Luis Araujo

General Manager, December 2017

Got my invite for the 1st Masterclass via e-mail on my vacation in Netherlands. Registered on the last day.

Raquel & Glenn, they exceeded my expectations with their unique approach. By refreshing dormant information and combining it with new insights, they created an atmosphere of trust were we could share and learn from other senior managers. The balance of theory and exercises was great. Still growing and practicing every day. Looking forward to the schedule of 2018.

Mariëlle Lebacks

Sales & Marketing Director, December 2017

Mijn eerste training van Milestones was gelijk een van de meest actieve en succesvolle trainingen die ik heb meegemaakt. Mede door eigen ervaring van de trainer en de praktische aanpak is vanaf aanvang door participatie van alle cursisten, succes gegarandeerd.

Luigino Rosa

Manager Insurance department, December 2017

I liked it that the trainings covered a broad range of tips/ advice on presentations, not just a focus on slides. Very engaging presentations with lots of opportunity to participate. I liked the fact that it was practical and examples I could relate to were used.

Sau Bridgewater-Chong

Manager Public Relations & Communication, December 2017

E masterclass tabata un experensia edukativo, mi a kumisa wak mi team ku un bista diferente i tambe ser mas intenshonal na momento di atende situashon na trabou.

E parti di e diferente leadership style i  kon pa pone esaki den praktika ta hopi importante i praktiko. Sinta den e masterclass ya mi a kuminsa rekonose miembronan di mi team i kompronde kon pa atende ku nan mas miho.

E parti di emotional intelligence no tabata nobo pami dor ku mi a lesa e bukinan  Emotional intelligence i tambe Working with emotional intelligence den pasado, pero mi a haña e refreshment riba e topiko aki hopi bon.

Komunikashon non verbal a ponemi para ketu wak mi mes. Wak kiko ta e siñal ku ami ta transmiti.

E masterclass aki tabata great, e esfera tabata masha amikal i Raquel tabata un tremendo maestra.

By the way, mi a wordu stimula pa buska algún buki ku a keda menshona den e masterclass aki pami lesa. Mi a keda ku hamber di mas informashon.

Surenda Isenia

Operations Director, December 2017

Met tevredenheid kan ik terug kijken op de Masterclass gegeven door CM, in de persoon van Raquel Weisz; al met al ben ik me bewuster geworden van mijn eigen emotional intelligence, die van een ander te herkennen en daarmee te kunnen spelen om een positief effect uit de situatie te halen. Door mijn eigen emoties te herkennen maak ik ruimte om de ander te begrijpen en daardoor beter de nader daadwerkelijker te begrijpen en hierdoor een positiever effectief uit de situatie te halen

Uiteindelijk gaat het om mensen en deze hebben allemaal emoties met name in conflicten-mixt up emotions!

Phaedra Elings

Algemeen Directeur, December 2017

Inspirerende masterclass met veel praktische tips en trucs die je kunt toepassen in het dagelijks leven zowel zakelijk als prive.

Je krijgt tools aangereikt om je communicatievermogen op een hoger niveau te brengen. Deze masterclass zet je aan het denken. Wat voor een Impact heeft mijn manier van communiceren op mijn omgeving? De impact is groter dan je denkt. Mijn ervaring is dat 1 woord of blik of handshake kan leiden tot onverwachte aangename resultaten.

Een must-do als je graag werkt aan je persoonlijke ontwikkeling.

Janice Sicking-Martina

Manager Client Relations, December 2017

De masterclass effectieve communicatie geeft je insight in je hoe je neigt te handelen,  waar je voorkeur ligt maar geeft je ook de tools om  niet verzeild te raken in autostereotypering. MBTI is voor mij een methode om mijn blindspots te herkennen, omarmen en van te leren. En dit allemaal zonder oordeel immers het leven is niet zwart/wit.

Roëlla Pourier-Bonaire

Managing Director, December 2017

I had the opportunity to follow the Effective Situational Leaderschip Masterclass (ESLM). In a time where good and effective leadership is very much needed ESL focuses on important (human) aspects.

The ESLM made me more aware of important details to be a good leader.

I am very glad I had the chance to follow the ESLM. It has helped me in using different techniques that makes me a better leader.

Welton Adam

Teamleader helpdesk Online aangiften, December 2017

Thank you Raquel for a super relaxing day and guiding us into creating our vision board for 2017. It was a super cool experience and I’m looking forward to seeing it daily!

Flavina Wanga

Social Media Expert, January 2017

I attended the Vision Board workshop last month ( Jan 2017), and the piece of art i created (My Vision Board) is lovely. I highly recommend this workshop,it was very nice.. I enjoyed every part of the workshop.. The introduction, the meditation and how Raquel guided us through the whole process.. giving us tips to be as clear as possible when making our vision board. I became very aware and could feel what i really wanted on my vision board and i am working towards the goals i set on my vision board. I look forward to the other events of Creating Milestones.

Revonella Raphaela

January 2017

Ik heb deelgenomen aan de workshop “create your vision board”. Ik vond het een hele leuke ervaring. Raquel heeft de workshop zeer goed georganiseerd en ons goed begeleid. Echt een aanrader!!


Saskia Stjeward

January 2017

Diadomingo ultimo mi a partisipa na e workshop….create your vision board…..
E tbt un eksperiensia hopi dushi….sinja konose hende nobo….i mas importante sinja konose mi mes un tiki mas…..en bes di traha un board mi a traha un book…..i mi ta wak den dje tur dia….
Curioso kiko ta next……

Susan Bakker

January 2017