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Cross-Corporate™ Masterclass: “Interpersonal Effectiveness for (Senior) Managers”-March 2019

Jan 29, 2019

We are happy to see that Curacao, Bonaire and St Maarten are developing in leadership and strategic effective communication!

For more then two years now Creating Milestones is the organization that activates and certifies managers on all levels, and directors, in the Caribbean on strategic effective communication, influence, (situational) leadership and emotional intelligence.

Is your organization ready? Managers and directors, are you ready to learn and apply tools like MBTI™-NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and Non-verbal communication to become even better leaders and  thus influencers? Please read for yourself below about the experiences from previous participants of this Masterclass.


Strategic effective communication and influence. Those words are at the core of this Masterclasss. The last two years more then 60 managers and directors from 15 different organizations on Bonaire, Curacao and St Maarten have participated in this Masterclass.

Professionals from various sectors have participated: the private sector, the government, technical companies, small and medium sized enterprises and various foundations from the different islands. On Curacao several renowned organizations sent their managers and/or directors to participate, e.g. Stichting BAB, CPA, Banco di Caribe, CBS, Government, BDO, ENNIA, ACU etc.

Previous participants explain how this Masterclass has impacted their performance:

  • Awareness of the influence and impact of the participants’ own way of communicating.
  • Effective tools to build a relationship of trust with your employees.
    They can influence their employees more effectively by using communication tools.
  • Influence of decision-making processes.
  • Effective tools to meet challenges with employees.
  • Present ideas in such a professional manner that it appeals to all employees.
  • Recognizing, embracing and learning from their own blind spots.

1. Tuesday March 19 (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) including lunch
2. Wednesday March 20 (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) including lunch
3. Thursday April (8 a.m.-12 p.m.)
A total of 2,5 days

Training room at Lions Dive and Beach Hotel (next to Mambo beach), Curacao

Language: Dutch/Papiamentu

Early bird price (until February 8): ANG 1095/USD 626 incl OB
Regular price (as of February 9): ANG 1395/USD 798 incl OB

During this Masterclass you will:
•   Receive your official personalized MBTI™ profile
•   Start mastering your communication by using MBTI™
•   Receive an information booklet on MBTI™ profiling
•   Develop strategies for interacting with communication styles unlike your own
•   Master your body language to influence others
•   Optimize your communication skills by using NLP tools.(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
•   Develop strategies for building and maintaining relationships

Click here to receive more information on your trainer. Download more information on MBTI™ and NLP.




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