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Creating Milestones 3 years

Nov 2, 2019

Just like that 3 years have passed since Creating Milestones was established on November 1 2016. So we celebrated this milestone yesterday.

More than 200 participants from Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire and St Maarten attended the Masterclasses, workshops, and various in-house leadership development trajectories.

During the last three years I have gone completely out of my comfort zone from guest speaker engagements, team building sessions, writing an article, to pitching etc etc. I said yes to a lot of things I would not have done in the past. Some things I liked, some I didn’t like. However, I am grateful for all experiences. The successes, the failures, all lessons learned.

A big thank you to all clients and participants for your continuous support, feedback and for your confidence. I enjoyed and still enjoy working with each and everyone of you!

And while I am growing, Creating Milestones is growing with me. So up to the next three years!

There is more to come! We have only just begun.

A special thank you my support system. Those who always stand by my side, support me, help me, love me and always tell it to me like it is. Without you I couldn’t do what I have done. You know who you are.

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