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Leadership development trajectories Curacao-Senior management

Nov 18, 2019

Recently we finished up two leadership development trajectories of two senior management groups of a renowned bank in Curacao. It was really exciting to witness the growth mindset of those experienced senior managers.

Every session they had so many interesting learning experiences, even personal ones that they shared with their colleagues. And even though they are all extremely busy, they kept on trying to apply certain tools as a manager and some even in their personal lives.

Personally, I loved the fact that many of them were already very invested into the topic of leadership development before this trajectory.

Many managers described various results, but I will just share a few below:
1-They became more aware of the impact of their stress on their mind and body and where it manifests within them.
2-They gained insight and applied learned tools on how to manage younger generations more effectively on the work floor.
3;They identified their core values and became aware of the importance to know and apply them pro-actively.
4-They gained more insight in themselves and recognized the importance of observation, analyze, self-reflection and self-consciousness and have grown even more as a leader.
5-They learned on the major impact of non-verbal communication during conversations and were very interested to learn more on this topic.
6-They learned a lot while sharing knowledge and experiences with their colleagues (for example) during the “leadership game”.
7-They learned tools on how to handle difficult conversations and creating boundaries and applied them successfully in practice.

Thank you all for your confidence and for making me a part of your leadership development journey the last few months. I would like to wish you all the success in the future and hopefully we will meet again soon.

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