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Results coaching trajectory

Oct 3, 2020

This photo shows a client (coachee) during her final coaching session while she is doing an exercise.

Objective of the coaching trajectory: This client fulfills a high position with an extremely high workload in a large organization. She often procrastinated, had certain fears and wants to get the best out of her job.

Thanks to the exercises, the tools she has learned and her increased self-awareness, the results are significant after four months. She:

  • knows what her core values are and how they affect her.
  • is still very busy at work, but feels much calmer. This also has a positive impact on her private life.
  • is sometimes still tired, but no more stress and fatigue complaints.
  • works more structured.
  • shows less procrastination.
  • is no longer lived by her job, she indicates her limits and has more control.
  • has released certain limiting beliefs.
  • Now disconnects emotions from events.
  • Has overcome certain fears.
  • no longer accepts negative “presents” from others.
  • chooses for herself.
  • has more peace of mind now that she has insight into the impact of this Corona era on her state of mind.

In short: she now enjoys her work even more! So, here we have a satisfied client and a happy coach. Very proud of my client!

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