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Webinar Generation Management (Dutch)

Feb 15, 2021

Target groups: management (top, middle, lower), HR professionals, ambitious professionals.
Due to the importance of this subject for our islands, we have decided to offer this webinar in Dutch as well on March 6 to reach as many people as possible.
Through this webinar Creating Milestones aims to create more awareness on this topic to help organizations prevent losing thousands of dollars a year.
Generation Management isn’t on the agenda yet in most organizations on our islands as it is around the world, even though its (financial) impact on organizations has been proven worldwide through scientific and empirical research.
During this webinar we will discuss the background of generation management, the needs of different generations (especially the millennials), how you can lead them and what it requires from you as a manager.
Millennials from our islands will also inform you from their point of view.
Please click here to register. 
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