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Wrap up previous online masterclass Interpersonal effectiveness

Aug 16, 2021

Last month we wrapped up another great online masterclass. It was once more a personal journey for this international group of seasoned professionals. During this journey they gained in-depth insights on their drives, talents and pitfalls. T

For some, this journey is a bit faster than for others, as people sometimes live quite far from their innate preferences. As a result, their strengths can be overlooked. And they will not maximize their potential and that of others. Therefore, I always  experience this training as very special. Because I am privileged to witness this personal development journey of all the leaders that attend

As they also pointed out, the tools learned during this online masterclass are essential for all leaders, especially in the world we live in today. Or as one participant noted in the evaluation form: “This training has helped me enormously in my own personal development and phase. It came at the right moment.”

Partly due to the mutual conversations between these seasoned professionals, I always notice that they dare to be more vulnerable towards each other and they also learn a lot from each other. So this learning experience once more reached another dimension  which resulted  in an average rating of 8.9.

Thank you dear group for your enthusiasm, drive and the way you guys helped and supported each other to get the most out of this masterclass! Many valuable moments were created again during this masterclass. 

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