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Identifying your core qualities

Apr 18, 2022

Identifying your core qualities. Such a powerful tool when it comes to leadership development! The participants in this leadership development trajectory gained so many insights once more during this session. Not only on their own core qualities but also on their pitfalls, their challenges and their allergies.
What I especially love about core qualities is that you unlearn to judge immediately when you meet people that are in your allergy zone.
They also have an added value in your (working) life and it is all about perspective and especially self-reflection to find out what you can learn from them. Themes that are essential as a modern, effective leader.
During this session we also touched on the difference between qualities and skills. The quality game that they played showed the participants the difference while they received many compliments from each other👍🏽✨😬.
They experienced and confirmed that it is so nice to receive compliments from your colleagues and hear what they appreciate you for😃. Sometimes you even hear things you are not aware of. I loved the energy of this session!!!
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