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Interview for column: Mpowermen Curaçao

Jun 4, 2022

For over a year now I have been writing the column “Bericht uit Curaçao” for the Dutch online platform Dossier Koninkrijksrelaties.nl.
The column turned out to be a serious hobby of mine😃. Besides the daily things I write about that are happening on Curaçao, I always like to find out more about initiatives to incorporate into my column, by interviewing individuals and/or organizations in Curaçao that inspire me. Because there are so many positive, beautiful initiatives on our island.
So this time I approached Gwen Lanoy Leuteria for an interview about her amazing initiative Mpowermen Curaçao. Through her foundation she develops much needed development programs, events and projects on everything that has to do with manhood to uplift, elevate, inform and form men and teen boys on Curacao. We chose to eat at the Niffo Huts in the lovely village Boca Sami, to talk about her life and everything she does and wants to accomplish. She truly is an inspirational human being and her company name suits her well: Gwen Inspires (check out this Facebookpage).
Gwen, thank you for your time and for such a lovely day. Your endeavors for our men and teen boys in Curaçao do not go unnoticed. I love the passion and drive you have for your foundation Mpowermen Curaçao and everything else that you develop and do!
Please check out the Mpowermen Curaçao Facebook page if you want to find out more.
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