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Moderator Round table conference HRDC

Mar 1, 2023

Human Rights Defense Curaçao organized their second strategic round table discussion and I was excited to be the moderator during this event. The topic was: ‘Developing framework for a more inclusive labor market’.
Various stakeholders attended this event like government officials, members of parliament, the counsel of the USA, labor unions, companies from the private sector, foundations, religious leaders, attorneys etc etc. Important, because this topic and reality that we live in regarding the informal sector impacts Curaçao as a whole.
Interesting presentations that provided many insights were given by international speakers mr John Bliek and mr Fabio Siani and local speakers mr Fayad and mrs Molina. Afterwards, a constructive panel discussion with the audience took place. There were many conclusions and takeaways and action points were determined.
I personally found it very inspiring to learn about possible solutions on how to deal with the informal sector. Because international organizations like ILO and UNHCR are working around the world to come up with solutions that benefit both the country and the migrants. Much knowledge and practical experiences were shared. One fact is that we could receive so much more tax revenues if the possibility existed that the informal sector also contributes. This conversation definitely will be continued.
Thank you Ieteke Inchi Witteveen , Raul Henriquez, Barbara Perquin, Aktham Abu Fakher, Gina Marcano and Jenevre Gumbs for this collaboration and your trust.
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