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Results 6-month leadership development trajectory

Apr 1, 2019

Recently we finalized an in-house  leadership development trajectory of 6 months in which we focused on the development of situational leadership, emotional intelligence and non-verbal communication skills, with a management group of a prominent bank organization in Curacao.

They developed amazingly during this trajectory (personally and their work), which impacted their productivity and the atmosphere in their departments positively. They shared many insights and results, but I will just share a few:

  1. High blood pressure decreased due to dealing differently with work situations.
  2. More time now because they hold the employees within their departments accountable for their responsibilities.
  3. Leading based on influence and the needs of their employees, led in practice to stronger teams, more trust, better communication and collaboration.
  4. They became more self- aware of their own emotions (e.g. frustrations) and the effect it has on their employees.

This group requested a follow up trajectory to further develop their skills. We are very happy with their average grading: 8.6 (out of 10). For now we will start this 6 months trajectory with another management group from the same organization.

A big thanks to all participants for their confidence and active participation! Please contact us to receive more information on the possibilities for in-house leadership development training of your management teams (all levels).


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