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Cross-Corporate™ Exclusive Masterclass: “Effective Situational Leadership for (Senior) Managers” (June 2019)

Apr 28, 2019

During the Cross-Corporate™ Exclusive Masterclass: “Effective Situational Leadership for (Senior) Managers” (June 2019) you will learn about, discuss and apply the following tools:

-Situational Leadership

-Emotional Intelligence

-Non-verbal communication


The current talents from younger generations, which we have attracted to our organizations, have different needs, so you should be able to adapt your leadership style based on the needs of those younger talents, to increase retention rates. The “traditional” leadership styles aren’t sufficient anymore. We, as Creating Milestones, witness this phenomenon all the time during our leadership development programs within various organizations.

Therefore, we need to develop the strength of our current leadership within organizations, which besides flexible leadership styles, includes their emotional intelligence which accounts for 90% of what’s required for leadership.

Do you have any idea how much leadership does impact profit? A study (by Eqleader) of four thousand business leaders found that leadership style controlled 50 – 70% of organizational climate. So what? Climate has been found to control 20 to 30% of profit! You cannot control factors as economic conditions, trends in your industry, costs of goods and services your organization buys. But you can control a big chunk of profit by controlling the quality of leadership in your organization throughout all layers of management within your organization.

Nowadays, leadership has to be shown and applied on all levels throughout organizations. It is not the responsibility of top management only. This requires, besides tools, a lot of self-exploration, where it will become clearer to you which areas you need to develop specifically. Self-exploration is an essential part of leadership development. It isn’t a run, it is a process and takes its time. During this Masterclass we will provide the time to start your self-exploration process.

During this Masterclass you:

*Receive your personalized leadership profile
*Receive an indication of your EQ profile

*Learn how to apply different leadership styles
*Optimize your leadership strategies
*Identify, optimize and apply your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) strategies
*Master your skills to influence your team members by using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tools

*Develop strategies to build more effective teams

June 18                  (08.00 a.m.-5 p.m.) including lunch
June 19                  (08.00 a.m.-5 p.m.) including lunch
August 22              (08.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m.)
Total of 2,5 days

Location: Lions Dive Hotel in Curacao.

Early bird price (Until May 17): ANG 1095 incl. OB
Regular price (From May 18):  ANG 1395 incl.OB

Language: Dutch/Papiamentu

For more information on Situational Leadership click here. To learn more on the background of your trainer click here.




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