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Results of leadership development trajectory-middle management

Aug 28, 2019

Yesterday was the last session of the leadership trajectory of this group of managers.

For me it was once again so inspiring to witness the transformation and growth of each and everyone in this group the last months! And now their work continues.

Many results were shared. I would just like to mention a few:

1. They deal more professionally with work challenges.
2. They have become more aware of their role as a leader, what it entails and apply their learned tools.
3. Their teams have grown together and became stronger. A much more positive atmosphere to work in.
4. They connect consciously to their employees now in different ways which benefits their bond with them. They are able to connect to the younger generations as well by applying learned tools.
5. This trajectory also has affected some in their personal lives because they have gained insights in themselves and have started to change certain things.

So, I am satisfied and very proud of them because they achieved so much!!! 8.7 was the average grade they gave this trajectory.

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